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Tasha Webb

Junior Interior Decorator

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Tasha Webb is a visual artist, educator and realtor who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the interior decorating arena. Holding a Bachelor's degree in English from the prestigious University of Minnesota and a Master of Science in Secondary English Education from the esteemed City University of New York, Tasha's educational background underscores her commitment to excellence.


With an impressive 16-year tenure as a classroom teacher and instructional coach, Tasha has honed her skills in guiding and empowering individuals through complex processes. Her specialty lies in assisting homeowners as they navigate the intricate landscape of interior design and home decor.


Tasha's professional journey also includes a significant stint as a Market Center Coordinator for a prominent brokerage firm, affording her invaluable insight into real estate throughout the DC metro region and which home design elements add both beauty & functionality. Tasha has also created visual art for nationally recognized entertainers such as Wu Tang, Tabitha Brown, DSmoke, and Chevy Woods. She is dedicated to arming her clients with comprehensive information on luxury home trends, opulent design choices, and the most advantageous design strategies for bringing elegance and value to your home.


Tasha's roots are firmly planted in the vibrant Brookland neighborhood of Washington, DC, which she has called home since 2009. Originally hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota, Tasha brings a unique blend of educational acumen, real estate proficiency, art expertise and unwavering dedication to her clients, Tasha is the trusted partner you need for a successful interior design transformation.

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