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Why Purchase Second Hand Furniture?

I get great joy out of helping people in our store. Its a joy to see the

enthusiasm of a first time customer who cant believe the prices. Or the

satisfaction on the face of someone who has been looking for a very

specific piece of furniture and they find it in our store. We’re lucky to have

repeat customers, who come back again and again bringing different family members and friends each time. I also personally share the disappointment the we don’t have an item that our customer really needs or wants. For me, selling second hand furniture is personal. It is a personal passion and

its something that I know impacts each customer personally. So it is easy for

me to make the case for second hand furniture.

Why you purchase second hand furniture?

1. Most important, for the sake of the environment. In this world of fast

fashion, we also have fast furniture unfortunately. People are moving more

often, investing in temporary furnishings and when they move, everything they

longer want lands on the corner or in a landfill.

2. No wait time. Take it with you the same day or have it delivered. What

wait weeks or months to have something delivered and then assembled.

Sometimes you need furniture now, now , now! If so, consider second hand

or lightly used furniture.

3. 60-75% of original price. Why not save money while you’re at it.

Some items lightly used can be as much as 75% off.

4. Minimal investment when you’re unsure. If you want to experiment or

you’re not 100 percent sure, lightly used second hand furniture can be a

temporary solution while you get clarity on what you really

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